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Subject: Matter

Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2023 10:31:46 +0200

From: Ursula Sabisch 


Immigration countries or host countries.

That German-language document you may find here!

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany.

To the FRG



To the European Union




All Citizens worldwide

Germany, Luebeck, August 15, 2023

Immigration countries or host countries, which is right and important in the matter?

Dear Readers, Ladies and Gentlemen on the worldwide political stage, Dear Sirs!

Regrettably, my person has to repeat everything twice and three times in the matter, but this must end now.

It is hardly still bearable and for my person no longer without comment to accept that an expandable and trend-setting clear concept for the whole mankind is available, which contains the whole cycle of the life, by all other cycles were taken into account, and thus at the end of the time as a functioning cycle "can rise", by it will be able to "readjust or adjust itself" and you still want to play rule!

You and others usually read all books of celebrities of all sections and classes, but if actually once something essential is also available in writing for the world-wide people, then you only understand "all Greek "!

Quite obviously my person must repeat everything twice and three times because you and others are probably completely overwhelmed by such simplicity and clarity in the matter and will miss all foreign words quite simply.

You probably only understand your stuck structural thinking cycles which are only thought through from today to the day after tomorrow and cannot mesh and fit together, because the most important cycle has remained unconsidered.

But in the meantime the Revelation of John advances more and more clearly, and has already arrived in Haiti, however you and your kind know as the present political stage probably not even the Bible or the last book of the New Testament, which clearly underlines your leadership style.

How can it have become possible that no human being expresses clearly what has become a matter and a reality and especially not when in the Christian affected regions of the earth for example the houses are torn away by floods or whole areas are destroyed by fire and people burn alive?

Excerpt from the Internet: "The Revelation of John or the Apocalypse is the last book of the New Testament. It is the only prophetic book of the New Testament and became a source of comfort and hope for oppressed Christians during the persecutions of Christians in the Roman Empire."

Is climate change and the Apocalypse something fundamentally different, and does calling them "climate change" exclude the fact that we, as humanity, will be in John's Revelation long ago?

And how should my person be able to explain herself that the affected people of the century flood of the FRG for example in "Schuld" in the district Ahrweiler or on Haiti in Port-au-Prince or in other places these filmed and affected persons made the impression that also these people already play a routinely "sick game" by being informed these people via Monumental-area about my person or an extraordinary and recurring fact?

Then we have as Germans or Europeans as a highly endowed political stage many people, who for their unconcerned and schooled way ensure that they are popular and respected and can remain at the government by these big earners want to be re-elected!

With a gross monthly salary of 30,000 euros as Federal Chancellor, one can indeed smile kindly at every difficult matter and make one's working day as pleasant as possible with cheerfulness and calm.

Even as a private man or woman, one has enough financial securities and comforts of life and can throw around promises, even if one does not really believe in them oneself. Then, as a politician, you can present the people with a fait accompli and overwhelm them with buzzwords, making a virtue out of necessity.

The word "immigration country" or the statement that we are an immigration country, my person heard for the first time so quite incidentally and needlessly from our German foreign politician, whereby my person had to ask herself who should have decided this and whether such a decision is not to be found in the German constitution and compulsorily in the Basic Law.

Strictly speaking, we as Germans are evil gangsters who want to get the best or the fruits of other mostly poorer countries into the country, because we as Germans are not able to provide for enough offspring by performing one abortion after the other.

The argument that without the woman on the job market nothing goes for a long time, legitimizes quite obviously also still an abortion and that one calls politics nowadays. An equation that can never work out, but who actually claims that a politician must have a plan and a basis for an equation to be set up and should know about cycles?

So one day we will simply get a chancellor of a foreign culture into our immigration country and close our most expensive churches for good!

                                      A simple calculation, which a politician of today masters well!

It is of course correct and at the same time very sad that in the present end times many people of other countries and cultures have to leave their roots or their family and their belongings behind in order to be able to stay alive or to be able to provide for the family.

Hunger is in many countries particularly in Africa, Asia or Latin America a large evil, whereby the water will become ever scarcer and the medicines and the medical supply at all corners and ends are missing.

Now the extent of the climate change especially in these regions comes out clearly by the big heat and by the enormous rainfalls especially by the monsoon, which one could consider everything in time, because one could know it quite simply!

The bad thing about it is however that the harvest failures will arise not only in these clearly endangered regions, but while parts of the world must play also still war and still more humans are displaced, Europe-wide and world-wide the harvest failures and the water shortage will be the order of the day.

The refugee streams which will be only at the beginning and also the harvest failures one could and can recognize quite simply and clearly and thus should have been acted long foresightedly, and all this without having to take up a career as a prophet!

You as present government representatives have flown into the well-deserved vacation and have generally acquired a villa or a house, whereby you and your kind want to meet more and more often in a castle.

No trace of reality is to be found with you and your comrades-in-arms, because you want to introduce an energy turnaround, which must be fetched however by the necessary raw materials from the earth and again once more the earth structure and the environment finance this energy turnaround. With the weapon procurement or the weapon industry, alone only for the war in Europe, behaves the same, whereby the measure of all things is full long to the edge!

                   And now we come to the point of the subject line and to the order of the Empress:

We as Germans and we as Europeans are christians as a rule and so we know that every human being, who asks for protection and refuge, absolutely has to get the appropriate help for himself and his family. At this point this Christian duty is to be valued much higher than the own protection of the national borders.

A person in distress must never be turned away unless one has personally convinced oneself, as the person responsible, of the veracity or pretense of distress.

Since you and others did not understand or wanted to ignore the letters of my person, the following order is now issued provisionally only Europe-wide to the house inhabitants with a front garden, garden or backyard, because you had enough time to provide for a reasonable refugee policy, as explained several times.

First, those will be allowed to leave their houses and set up in the front gardens by means of caravans, tents or sheds, who knowingly have had at least one abortion, even if now children or the "siblings" are affected, who, by the way, have the highest degree of damage by an abortion.

The houses will get the refugees with children, because there will be no permanent immigration permit, but there will be hospitality and this hospitality includes the welfare of the stranded people, provided of course that there is no abortion of that parents. Every immigrant and every naturalized person will one day have to go back to his family, that means grandparent, parent or parental unit, even if the general language barrier should be overcome.

Every country on earth is obligated to identify itself as a host country, which means being a hospitable country that treats and welcomes threatened people as guests. In return, a refugee or immigrant seeking help is expected to behave like a guest in a country where his family did not establish its family tree.

We as Germans have a special cultural responsibility because our culture is endowed with a beautiful sounding language and because this culture was obviously chosen by Creation.  No country should be satisfied with a multi-culti-mix-max-culture, because by this no reasonable and fair cycle of life can be established for every human being and because otherwise there must be many losers in this respect!

You and others had the time to provide for a reasonable immigration policy, by Europe-wide and then worldwide for the refugees separate small villages could have been established, whereby there are also many abandoned villages for example in East Germany. This would have greatly reduced the language problems and the overburdening of the local population.

But the most natural way and the best way for all would have been the help on the spot, so that the people would not have to go on the dangerous escape routes, by supplying the people on the spot with relief goods, by providing an infrastructure including connection to the world market and by getting the wars in the world under control and ending them!

Now first the rich are asked in turn locally to the cash, by the dream home is cleared and must be made available for the stranded guests! It would be best, we begin immediately in Berlin with the evacuation of the villas and houses of the government members, so that the reality is no longer strained and all necessary steps can be initiated.

With kind regards

Ursula Sabisch


HP: My person hopes that on a every Thursday a right thunderstorm in as many languages as possible comes from the sky, which is a right imperial royal dressing down.