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Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

Luebeck Psycho Society


To the
Psychiatric Service



To all Readers

in the Matter and Commission

Luebeck, September 4, 2023

The German language document you may find here!


How much longer do you still* need and where do you and

such sick people have to be picked up?


My Dear Fruits in the Devilish Luebeck Collective, Dear Readers,

You and others have probably understood your own situation and are now stalling for time, so that it will pass and your situation will go down in the matter with everything else!

                If you and others as a devilish society will not be mistaken quite clearly in this matter!

According to Bible-texts the Lord and Creator has given to everyone different talents in different numbers, but where and when do these talents actually come out, above all when, for instance, when it is too late?
As my person can judge it, your talents come out in a stupid and inappropriate acting, which is really out of place for a long time, because in this playhouse or Luebeck theater the pronounced respectively spoken word is missing in the matter.

By such a behavior one can lead naturally humans into the mislead or let run aground and this can be justified only by the egoism of the individual, by procuring advantages from such a morbid behavior opposite the people concerned and sponsors thus the devil!
Of course one can wait for it, especially as the psychiatric service Luebeck, until for example the Empress collapses and can't go on any longer!

So you are then ready for a nervous breakdown or a natural behavior towards half animals respectively devilish Luebeckers in order to be able to take measures against the Empress, so that you feel confirmed and can bring thus your "appropriated talents" appropriately to the appearance.

              Is that all you and your kind have to offer than your wait-and-see attitude in the matter?

Who has actually put you and your kind at such a disadvantage compared to those, who want to create something and make a reasonable future possible?
Like a snake observes a nest, so that it can bite if necessary, so you and your kind positioned yourselves and spread and if one calls you in the matter to the action, then you do not even understand with whom you correspond actually!

A little little life achievement and responsibility for others, would want to judge my person by her received talents and thus complain.

              Have you and your kind all buried your talents and even know you where you left them?

One asks oneself, where the talents remained, because also for the well-being of the "large house cat" in many households particularly well and ever better is provided, but at the same time many and ever more humans die particularly in Africa exactly for these reasons, since these food alone only for the cat are already manufactured and marketed for highest demands and come in large masses into the households of many cat friends and are thus misappropriated!

Where do you have to be picked up, so that you can understand the seriousness of the situation and your own situation? Where?
There will not always be an Empress and the Empress`s Sister, who will be put in front of such devilishly ill people and what will be then with you and what will become of the children?
My person now looks for the reason for the lost talents, but does not need to look for a long time, because one should look only at the new building method, particularly that of the dwelling houses and asphalted or cemented land areas and recognizes immediately a deadening of the fantasy without design joy and one recognizes frightening sterile building blocks, which are rammed into the earth.

The formation of talents begins at the beginning of a person's life;  nowadays, however, by forming groups or day nurseries and handing over the infants to where they have to spend most of the day and where they are formed to be educated afterwards equally in the kindergarten and thus an individuality simply cannot be promoted for lack of people.


The deadening of the talents begins through the collective and the mass supervision of the children by few persons, whereby the talents of the individual child cannot be recognized and promoted in time and in the course of time perish or are lost, what is very unfortunate for all and for the person concerned!

Continuing on in the life course with Television or the digital world, where the lives and actions of others are paraded and shown, and whereby the viewer is unconsciously pushed or driven into passivity, people spending and losing a large portion of life time in front of the television or the digital world. What is left out of this, is an appropriated and performed play-acting, forcibly encouraged by the circle of colleagues in the workplace, with the scope of work increasingly focused on the diseased or unbalanced psyche.  

Good business can be done with the human psyche, as advertising clearly shows us every day on every corner at every opportunity.

Many industries have already recognized this and so whole occupational branches are newly formed, in that especially in the psychological social area more and more occupational groups will be added and at the end of the time especially probably the Empress will bear the damage, because all talents of the people had to become artificial by obligation.

Also many jobs have become more and more artificial and are kept running by the industrialization by means of artificial energy up to the artificial intelligence! Then still published stupid sayings like "anti-authoritarian education" are added and the artificial future can come!

If one as a woman and a mother and as a man and a father does not possess the talent to be able to educate his child respectively his own children, then this is already a quite sad and dangerous affair, whereby indeed the marginal conditions for the healthy and therefore natural education of a child in the family are missing for a long time!

These marginal conditions are multilayered and must be absolutely recognized and created anew, so that at all a future worth living of the children can be made possible. In addition also belongs the legislative power and not at least an authority, which has its competence for the executing power!

My person would want to let you and your kind beat the daylights out by her invisible Cudgel already for a long time, because my person is no goddess and will also become none, but my person is an Empress, especially well of the sick "asses" to let it become clear once!

Do you and your kind have the possibility or the talent to be able to make the documents of my person public for all peoples of the earth, so that every mature citizen can understand the contents of the letters?

Do you belong perhaps by chance to the people who possess the talent to translate these texts truthfully and as exactly as possible colloquially into another or into your native language by documenting this with your name, with the date and the function of the translations? Or did you learn a foreign language or several languages just to pass the time and out of boredom and egoism?

                   Did you happen to have diplomatic training and speak at least a second language?

Are you one of those people who have the talent to explain the contents of all the Empress's letters to other people in order to have the contents brought into reality; can you do that or who has the talent and can make that possible???

Do you and many others really have to pretend to be ignorant and helpless in order to be able to reach your goal, you diseased and broken crackpots and brats? Are you really so simple-minded and so naive,  in that you wanted to stall my person and family members even longer?

            You had all possibilities in the matter, but you missed all of them, you devilish Luebeckers ones!

Please, all of you, acquire a chamber pot or bucket with watering can collectively and do not forget to provide a wash bowl. Also, think about a tent or trailer for your backyard, yard or front yard. Do not forget the shed or your winter garden and provide heated living in the cold seasons!

Better not forget to thank my person and the person of my sister, especially you, as the sick piglets and criminal elements of the end times and especially when the Cudgel of my person hits such a creature and strikes quite purposefully.

You better not forget that!

Ursula Sabisch


HP: Every single one has hidden behind the sick or broken kindergarten collective, because nobody has informed my person or my family truthfully in a period of about 35 to 39 years up to the present day, but rather acted contrary. So you and your kind will have to be treated equally in this kindergarten respectively in this nursery as a collective!

Document checked on 13.12.2023.